Peekaboo© and Piccatales© are our registered formats dedicated to teachingEnglish to preschoolers and up to pre-adolescence. Central space for play, play-theater assisted by choreography and free expression of each participant are in summary the distinctive elements of Piccabulla’s teaching model. The fundamental principles functionally embedded in this model and by which we are inspired are:

  • sense of the group as a resource to be protected and contributed to with its own specificities;
  • Repudiation of competitiveness as an end in itself and/or prevaricating;
  • play and fun-always functional for learning-as essential moments;
  • free space for each child’s expressiveness with its own diversity;
  • percorsi NON standardizzati concepiti come spazi decisamente alternativi a quello scolastico tradizionale verso il quale si pongono come rinforzo dell’apprendimento dell’inglese.

Our courses:

Piccatales, Peekaboo, Peekaboo Cambridge, Peekaboo for theater , Peekaboo for Music and Children’s Theater.