Based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, an international treaty providing a minimum set of standards for legislation, policies and practices relating to all children and which encourages a positive image of children as active rights holders, this proposal GAINkids focuses on its four categories: Survival and Development Rights, Protection Rights and Participation Rights. Considering educators and professionals of education, fundamental agents in the construction of the process of Global Citizenship and Equal Opportunities, the project aims to:

  • Train professionals to work on the Rights of the Child in the context of a kindergarten;
  • Sensitize families to the importance of the Rights of the Child, respect and acceptance of difference;
  • Involve children in the reflection and production of the project’s development instruments.

It is intended that, through a concerted and innovative approach, develop and encourage actions at children of the Preschool, with the aim of promoting Global Citizenship, Equal Opportunities, Gender Equality, Non-Discrimination and Diversity in a perspective of Inclusive Education. It is in this context that it is urgent to intervene, focusing on the following areas of intervention:

  • Pedagogical Training
  • Teachers and children, Professional Training
  • Training teachers and auxiliars/professionals and School Community
  • Working with the families and in the community, in a logic of Whole School Approach.

It is in this context that it is urgent to intervene, focusing on the following areas of intervention: . Pedagogical Training – Teachers and children . Professional Training – Training teachers and auxiliaries/professionals . School Community – Working with the families and in the community A transverse program to develop, training and disseminate a pedagogical toolkit. The strategy set seven priority areas: º Global Citizenship: What are we talking about? o Equal Opportunities for all Children º Citizenship and Participation: WHO AM I? o Gender Equality and Gender Identity (biological and physiological characteristics, Toys/Clothes/Games/Plays/Activities, Stereotypes and Sexism, Professions, division of tasks, sharing in decision-making) o Non Discrimination o Diversity o Social and Family Participation This project, focus in WHO AM I?, would have as purpose the areas of intervention that are presented below: . Personal and social training . Expression and communication . Knowledge about the World GAINkids TOOLKIT 3 in 1 project will design an innovative training course developing competences in Global Citizenship for Children and the subjects presented above, containing :

Story Books and Video Collection, a Handbook for Children Educators and a Guide + Short animated movie for families. Transnationally this thematic concerns all countries, so it makes sense that the intervention is done considering the experience and expertise of different countries acting on this thematic, and creating toolkits available and useful to all EU countries, leading to a universal culture of children’s rights. There will be focus on dissemination activities, right from the start of the project: there will be special care on the image / brand of the project, done professional, in order to be appealing to target group; strong presence in internet, through project website and social media; reaching target groups more directly through e-newsletter; and each partner will perform a Multiplier Event by the project end, to present all the results and products to target groups and stakeholders.

The partners are different types of organisations concerning the themes of Global Citizenship, Human Rights, Equal Opportunities, Gender Equality, Non Discrimination, Diversity for preschool education, training providers, university with education sciences. Also wide spread across Europe, to guarantee broad approach to the thematic.