1) One of the parents (or both) guarantors for their children (regardless of the number of children enrolled) becomes a member of the Association.

2) The card is valid for one calendar year.

3) The personal data you provide us with will be processed by us in accordance with current privacy regulations (Legislative Decree 196/03). For registration we obligatorily need data on : member’s first and last name, date of birth, address of residence and social security number (this last point is optional but we kindly ask you to indicate it because it is useful for our administrative management).

4) The membership fee, worth 100.00 euros, is included in any of our services (workshops, packages and courses in theater, music, English, sailing; parties; shows; events) or in case it has expired, automatically incorporated in the next renewal fees.

5) With the membership fee you and your children can enjoy discounts and conventions on all activities promoted by the Association, also being able to participate, free of charge, in various events, parties and shows that we will notify you of by e-mail. Educational supervision, talks with parents in the key of counseling language learning pathways, and teaching materials additional to the book are also included in the membership fee.

6) A CD-DVD and English book lending service including the invaluable audio books at various levels of difficulty is also available for members. The service is enhanced by aigenitorial counseling for viewing or reading based, precisely, on the needs of the child/children. By sending an email so of request it is possible for the member to make delivery and pickup

7) Regarding English, we are open to the possibility of individual lessons or small groups if in conjunction with the various courses activated in case particular critical preparation issues emerge, especially in the certification paths.

8) English courses, with exceptions, last no longer than the month of May. Sailing courses run from May and end in September, being a sport activity the Uisp membership in this case is mandatory.

9) Regarding any absences of the teacher, it will be the teacher’s responsibility to arrange, in agreement with in group, for make-up through an extra day or through partial half-hour make-ups to be added at the end of the scheduled class time. The same goes for theater workshops, except for impromptu ones.

10) Regarding English and drama, in the case of “package courses,” the group is entitled, with exceptions, to make up No. 1 absence per child in a manner to be decided in agreement between parents and teacher: in the case of the absence of only one participant, the lesson will be made up in any case but only in the mode of an additional fee/time at the tail end or at the beginning of the timetable. In case, towards the end of the course, all children/children have totaled 1st unrecovered absence an additional ad hoc lesson will be conducted.

11) Holidays are not made up but the month of December is counted as half a month (for package courses the flexibility of the formula is outside this “make-up” mode)