Peekaboo and Piccatales courses (for toddlers): features of English language starter courses

An original and innovative methodology in that:

  • Singing, dancing, acting and team games are key teaching tools
  • The group is an integral part of the method: everyone contributes, with their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, to effective learning through collaboration and “giving,” never leaving any little friend behind!
  • The method is engaging, alternative, and reinforcing to the school curriculum without ever being boring or repetitive: we do not set out to be an “after-school” or “repeat”
  • The unique format is constantly evolving and especially customized according to the peculiarities of a group and to its relational dynamics and learning modes
  • The method draws on the latest Italian and U.S. studies and also takes into account cultural and social changes that also involve our children and with them their parents.

(in order of progression)

  • Stimulation of curiosity and motivation to learn English
  • Gradual acquisition of English-speaking mindset through initial bilingualism that gradually gives way to almost exclusively English interaction in the final stages of courses
  • Comprehension and oral construction toward “thinking in English”
  • Development of “uninhibited” group interaction (cross-cutting goal)
  • Development and improvement of coordination between movement and voice in English
  • acquisition of acting skills, including through the addition of singing and dancing, as vehicles for language learning.