Movie-Bookie time
is a new in-depth format designed by Piccabulla that enriches the Peekaboo method by enhancing even more the mode of teaching/learning English in a multidisciplinary and as always, fun way! It starts with 2 books both for Ket level (A2 Upper) although both books and films are C2 level i.e. Mother Tongue with insights and even original materials (sources are always specified).

Texts and/or authors have been chosen that have inspired equally interesting films and/or series that are not the usual texts used in the school field such as:

  • Enola Holmes (the case of the missing marquess) by Nancy Springer
  • Enola Holmes is part of the Movie Bookie time project The boys and girls at the Ket and Flyers levels have been watching the new movie released on Netflix and as a result of this viewing always strictly in English with English subtitles, insights are being made. In this case, a teenage utuber analyzes some agectives used in the film’s official trailer:
  • (Liv.KET) In the saga created by writer Nancy Springer each volume (there are 6 in all) ends with the I chapter of the new book! Here is the reading of Volume II “The Case of The Left – Handed Lady”, which ours and our boys can read following the reading aloud by our NUT supervisor and teacher (Natalie Nicora).

The pdf below is the excerpt from Scene I and the introduction of the play from one of the stories of our beloved character Sherlock Holmes. The Ket level boys after having acting instructions and analyzing, at the moment the 3 main characters, played following the directorial instructions, their characters. This initial work will be followed by other totally original scenes created by the Piccabulla team in order to produce an end-of-year show.

Mansfield Park
, by Jane Austen – Film on Youtubecon English subtitles (liv.PET or First)