Our workshops have the characteristic of being specially designed for a group of children from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8. Usually Piccabulla organizes the groups at the private kindergarten “The House of Children” on Via Teodosio Macrobio in Rome’s Balduina neighborhood.

The time varies according to the specific needs of each group but usually 4:45-6:15 pm and 6:30-8:00 pm.

In reality, the final time can deviate a bit, flexibly: for example, if we are finishing with the children a game or a guided viewing of a cartoon in the original language, the moms, consistent with their schedules, wait until the end of the lesson.

Make-ups of lessons that may be cancelled for health reasons by the teacher or for needs of the whole group will be made up in agreement with the teacher at the end of the lesson (about 30′ for three consecutive lessons) or concentrated on one date according to a date agreed upon between the group and the teacher; alternatively, where possible, the Association will send a substitute teacher.

The phases of the course
The course is divided into 3 phases that also correspond to an elastic adaptation to the school calendar and the needs of individual groups:

start: first week of October
December (until the vacations) with open class and final “Christmas” party
June (mid-month) with final essay and farewell and graduation party

Each stage represents a separate module at the end of which the child acquires language skills at various levels. The different cycles give parents the opportunity to evaluate our work and monitor their children’s learning and, if necessary, ask for clarification or make suggestions to the teacher.
At the conclusion of Cycle I, the parent can decide whether to have their child continue the course or discontinue it.

Registration and costs:
Included in the total cost of the course is the registration fee for the PICCABULLA association of 100.00 euros, which entitles you to discounts on all extra-course activities organized by the association or those who collaborate as partners, namely:

– Loan of instructional support materials (books, audio books, CDs, DVDs) from our annually updated catalog + personalized counseling on borrowed and recommended materials
– Online teaching support materials: customized and made ”in-house” PDF files and audio files related to the lectures just given
– possibility of purchasing tickets of the TEATRO DI ROMA institution (Argentina, India, Torlonia) with a special discount granted to us as a Cultural Association. For some of these shows, particularly those for children and young people, we have written reviews and recommendations on the website such as ”invitations” to attend
– Counseling parents via email and speakerphone on their child(ren)’s educational progress with no set days or times
– Purchase and delivery of books at Feltrinelli International for the specific course at a discounted price
– Cambridge exam registration practices and organization, where possible, of ”dedicated” sessions for the Association’s students as a ”Preparation Centre”
– Accompaniment on the day of the exam of the examinees at the certification site and depending on the location organization of the end of the year greeting with delivery of gifts


  • parties
  • fittings
  • shows
  • piccabulla brand clothing and accessories
  • PICCABULLA gadgets
  • sailing courses for children
  • environmental education meetings for school-age childrenIn addition, an English-language book and DVD lending service is available during the course (reservation mode and list of films and books are sent by e-mail after the course is activated). Each child or youth at the time of the start of the course will have at his or her disposal:
    a course-colored folder (Piccabulla line)
    a notebook with pen for dictionary use (Piccabulla line)
    At each meeting:
    Handouts or photocopies concerning the lecture
    prizes (candy or lollipops or various gadgets relevant to the lesson)
    At the end of the course:
    the end-of-course diploma
    A book (different depending on the course) for the summer
  • HOURS: 3:00 P.M./4:30 P.M. – 4:45 P.M. (OR 5:00 P.M.)/7:00 P.M. (OR 6:45 P.M.) – 7:00/20:00 P.M. – 6:45/20:15 P.M.


+39 3392444427

  • N.B. The demonstration lesson in case the course is not turned on is free of charge; otherwise it will be included in the monthly payment for the course itself.

Partner sites:

  • Veladream SrL,
    a nautical charter company in Agropoli (SA), in agreement with Piccabulla offers our members a discount on cruises to Cilento, Amalfi Coast and Flegrean Islands (Ischia, Procida) and Capri, Pontine Islands. In addition, the


    , a small 6mt cabin cruiser with movable dinghy, host of Veladream, organizes sailing-basic courses for small groups (max.3 adults, max.4 kids) or couples and in particular the course ”Little skippers”: the boat, halfway between a dinghy and a keelboat cabin cruiser allows to illustrate the whole organization of life on a boat, from anchorage-mooring, to life on board having to deal with confined spaces and equipment similar to that of land-ferry but adapted, such as the electrical system with bilge pumps and autoclave, street lights, toilet, kitchen, etc. For the kids it is a full immersion in the life of the ”sailing vacation” thus preparing them for future adult cruising.

  • River Museum

    , Nazzano romano (RM): guided tours at the museum (award-winning both in terms of museum-science education and layout), a space particularly suitable for children and young people. The person in charge, Dr. Umberto Pessolano, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of environmental education, will drag the children into the unusual hidden behind details sometimes insiginficanti to most but no less fascinating, at the same time the reserve of Tevere Farfa offers views and glimpses of plant and animal nature incomparable to areas so close to the anthropized environment … in this case, the”’bulky” Rome!