PICCATALES COURSE (PEEKABOO METHOD, in Italian and English) “FADES IN MOVEMENT”: theater for the development of our children’s social and personal skills

The methodology and teaching adopted in this course takes its cue from a children’s theater discipline called “body expression,” which through: singing singing movement and dance and especially music played sometimes with live instruments other times with selected pieces of music, brings the theater discipline alive even for preschoolers. However, the whole thing is contextualized in a “fairy tale setting” and thus known to children.

The idea came from Sabrina Lilli, an actress and director who, after significant theater and film experience as a director and script secretary, decided to devote herself to the world of children and young people through theater, music while also incorporating the educational element of English. Over the past 10 years in which the activity aimed at the world of childhood has intensified, in addition to putting to use the artistic-theatrical background deepened through scholarships also abroad (Paris-Sorbonne III) and overseas (Los Angeles – West Hollywood School) has constantly deepened teaching methodologies and techniques (Rome – Various public and private schools and playrooms) also confronting with colleagues/foreigners in the context of EU-financed projects (GrundtvigII Projects – Istanbul, Madrid, Rome, Paris).

Educational aims of the project:

Often the child especially at preschool age needs stimulation and creative tools to express himself both individually and in the group, play and theater thus make both external expression and inner well-being easier and more casual in order to gain more confidence in his own abilities.

– listening skills
– stimulus to the creative
– self-expression
– coordination between movement and voice
– socialization

The role of the group is important and an integral part of the methodology: in each session it is intended to trigger, through educational exercises and games, the value and support of the group toward the individual and of the individual toward the group. During – Piccatales – Fairy Tales in Motion – children will play and work on theatrical adaptations of famous children’s fairy tales, such as:
“Little Red Riding Hood”
“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”
“Puss in Boots” or “Cinderella.”
“Hansel and Gretel”
“The 3 Little Pigs” or “The Frog Prince.”
“The Ugly Duckling”
“Peter Pan”
“The Little Mermaid”
… and also funny fairy tales we invented.

From these, at least 4 fairy tales will be selected in consultation with the faculty to work on specifically for the ultimate goal of theatrical staging in front of parents.

The work will be approached on several levels depending on the meeting:

  • Tphysical and vocal raining
  • Musical exercises
  • Theatricalization of the fable by the teacher
  • Moving game on key – words by children
  • Theater put on by the teacher
  • Theatricalization of the various characters by children with the guidance of the teacher
  • Interactive games with specific cards in groups and for each individual child
  • Viewing of teaching materials to take home

In addition, all materials, costumes and props are provided by the association and included in the course fee.

The COURSE in addition to lectures includes:
– Copy audio cd
– Piccatales folder and/or binder.
– Copies and teaching handouts
– Do-it-yourself play-work materials
– Unlimited access to the restricted part of our website-web to download and view educational support materials pertaining to the course.

End of course:
Mid-June (date to be agreed upon)
Final performance with staging at the expense of Piccabulla Association

Alice in Wonderland

Bring on the stage, in teleducation, Alice in Wonderland!… to apply English in a fun and above all creative way. CLICKING THIS LINK. you will find all the materials for the show, to learn how to stage, impersonate characters and prepare costumes at home, inspired by one of the most famous subjects of the world of fairy tales, even in teleducation !