In the various projects of the Piccabulla Association, from children’s English courses to English drama courses, from educational projects for schools to those for adults or those in sports-sailing as UISP affiliates, over the years we have collaborated with various professionals from a wide variety of fields of work.


Alice Manfroni, ( for Piccbulla she was in charge of logistical and organizational support to teaching, collaboration on EU projects). She was born in Rome and graduated from Newton Scientific High School. He enrolled at La Sapienza University in Rome where he discovered a passion for anthropology. During his undergraduate years, he gained several volunteer experiences, particularly with an association working on cooperation in Senegal, Gambia and India. Participates twice in a volunteer camp in Senegal to follow a project against gender inequality in Pikine (Dakar). After graduating from his bachelor’s degree, he spent several months in England, in Manchester, to perfect his English and then left on a voyage of discovery to South America to which he dreams of returning soon. She returned to Italy and continued her studies in anthropology at the University of Siena where she delved into issues of gender and sexuality. To broaden her knowledge, she attended a professional training course on sex education at different stages of life after her master’s degree, and in December 2020 she participated in a conference of the Italian Society of Applied Anthropology. She currently works with Piccabulla Association and is involved in supporting teaching activities in English classes for children/youth.

Olivia Volpi
(with Piccabulla organized music classes in English and performances )

He was born in Bologna on March 9, 1979, but soon moved with his family to Perugia where he completed all his studies, earning his diploma and specialization in “Actor-Performer” at C.U.T (Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria) and graduating in Education Sciences with an experimental thesis between theater, aesthetic philosophy and psychology entitled “Anatomy of a theater group: the Pantheatre of Enrique Pardo.” He has studied and collaborated with masters Nicolaj Karpov, Ludwik Flaszen, Andrzej and Teresa Welminski (Cricot 2), Mario Ferrero, among others. After graduation she worked as an educator in various projects, as a theater worker and as a children’s entertainer.
In 2010 he joined the Horovitz-Paciotto company (

and began collaborating with LaMaMa Umbria International (

) and with LaMaMa Experimental Theatre in New York (

, where he travels periodically.

Her interest and passion for the voice led her to pursue various paths of vocal studies, from folk singing to the Voicecraft method, from the Roy Hart method to vocal jazz. She studied jazz singing with Cinzia Spata and is currently a student at the “L. Refice” Conservatory in Frosinone.

Joseph Messina
(He has been involved in children’s shows for Piccabulla).
He was born in Rome on 10/05/1989 and graduated from Liceo Classico “Mamiani” where he followed an experimental scientific course called “Brocca.” This is where his passion for philosophy began. This passion became, in 2011, a three-year degree at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome. In parallel with this university course, he attended, at the clock theater, the psychology and theater workshop “Body, Voice, Emotion” ( with didactic actresses and
Psychotherapists. Always passionate about interdisciplinarity, he wrote his thesis on the topic of “Affective Neuroscience” with reference to Antonio Damasio: the genesis of consciousness from emotions. Emotions become the red thread of his university journey. He decided to pursue neuroscience with a master’s degree in Neuropsychology. In 2012, he moved to Trento, Italy, where he attended the International Faculty of Cognitive Science and the master’s degree program in Neuropsychology with courses taught in English ( His training focuses on the role of the body in what we call mind and is interested in the “embodied” strand of neuroscience: “embodied cognition.”
His theoretical-practical scientific passion and interest in emotions found its expression, after moving to Trentino, in a clinical internship in Developmental Psychology. Here he is in contact with groups of children aged 4 to 12 with various developmental disorders. The diagnosis and training center for autism spectrum disorders ( thus becomes his second home. Here he delves into the technical tools of diagnosis but also those of interview and observation with parents and children. On the occasion of a return to Rome for the summer period, he began his collaboration with the association Piccabulla, where she began to put her empathic inclination to work: animated parties for children ages 3 to 10. In parallel, he also engages in the Association’s language area with private English language courses. All these experiences, together with clinical training, led him to London, where he carried out experimental research at theHealth Psychology Centre, in agreement with the English National Health System. Here he joins the consciousness research team “KatLab” (
) and carries out his research project from which his master’s thesis and a scientific publication will soon result.

Odette Piscitelli

(with Piccabulla has organized theater classes and performances)
Odette Piscitelli Leoni graduated in acting from the

Silvio D’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Art.
, in 2007. He trained with great masters of Italian and international theater, such as Mario Ferrero, Lorenzo Salveti, Luca Ronconi, Peter Clough, Gabor Stepan, to name but a few.
Also at the academy, he deepened his English-language acting with Jannina Salvetti and later won a scholarship to attend the post-academy course in film acting.
As soon as she graduated she participated in several works with Armando Pugliese, Gianluca Enria, Luca Trezza and many other young artists with whom she shared her first works , treading numerous stages of Roman theaters.
In 2008 he made his film debut in Daniele Cascella’s debut feature “
The murdered canary“.
In 2009 she starred in “The Game of Adam” directed by Eduardo Fiorito as the female lead and acted in the staging of “Poe- Descent into Hell,” directed by Antonio Santoro, at the India Theater in Rome.
He attended in-depth workshops with internationally renowned directors and pedagogues, including Cesar Brie, Daniele Salvo, Giancarlo Sepe, Fausto Paravidino, Rodrigo Garcia, and Jurij Alschitz.
In 2010 the meeting with Matteo Tarasco, Gabriele Lavia’s historical assistant director, with whom she will carry on an artistic partnership that will see her involved in 4 of her works: “Orlando in Love”,” The Trojan Women”, “The Dream”, up to her latest work, “Alice” which in 2011 that will debut at the Borgio Verezzi festival and then tour nationally.
In 2010 he also worked on the staging of Walter Manfè’s historic play “The Confessions.”
In 2010 he worked on “
Marble Nest” feature film debut, directed by Emilio Orofino.
Also in 2010, she will star in the final short film of the Ischia Global festival film workshop, directed by Giuseppe Iacono.
In 2011 he also worked with Fulvio and Giancarlo Cauteruccio, for the staging of Mitocontest at the Studio Theatre in Scandicci and participated in the performance on the 7 deadly sins for the Venice Biennale, under the guidance of Rodrigo Garcia.
In 2012 he worked on the trilogy “

The Shore of Utopia
” directed by Marco Tullio Giordana, which toured nationally and won the Ubu and Le Maschere prizes for best play in 2012.
In 2013 she was in the cast of

Women in Parliament
, directed by Vincenzo Pirrotta, at the Greek Theater in Syracuse.