Piccabulla Association is always looking for new collaborators who can make an intensive contribution several times during the year or even occasionally, for example, native teachers who specialize in courses for children and/or toddlers and who carry out once a month, in several situations, a careful supervision on the sonority of the English language and thus on the correct pronunciation: the Peekaboo method is fundamentally bi-lingual, and Italian from being a simple bridge-language in the younger age groups and depending on levels, is gradually adopted as a language of technical comparison, for example, in moments of translation or in-depth study of idioms or complex ways of constructing sentences or verbs. If you have good teaching experience with youth age groups or with children, if you also have theater-acting training in your background, and if you enjoy working in an organizational setting that is small in size but which precisely because of this leaves room for creativity and purposefulness, send us your CV ! ⇒